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Fast Track

Welcome to FastTRACK

FastTrack is an on-line service and repair tracking and logging system for Oil Rig electrical and SCR systems which is unique to Britannia Petroleum. FastTRACK subscribers receive priority on service visits , repairs and calibration.

With FastTrack you can:

  • Create and maintain a list of rigs and system configuration
  • Create and maintain a complete inventory of the system equipment and spares for each rig
  • Maintain a log of all repairs
  • Request technical support from Britannia
  • Track progress of your service requests and equipment repairs
  • View equipment repair reports
  • Grant access rights to other users

Although FastTrack is specially aimed at rigs with Ross Hill or Hill Graham type SCR systems, it can be used to record maintenance records for any piece of rig equipment, and because it is an on-line system, it can be accessed and updated from almost anywhere in the world where there is internet access.

To log in to FastTRACK  or request and account, CLICK HERE

To learn more about FastTRACK download the user guide by CLICKING HERE

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